Geo News Tv is one of the best south asian news network. Urdu Geo News broadcasts famouts programs like Capital talk, Meray Mutabik, Aaj Kamran Khan Key saath, Khabar Naak, Nadia Khan Show, Aalim ON LINE, Bachay Man Kay Sachay, Brunch with Bushra, Circle of Fire, Hum Sab Umeed Se Hain, Kia Cheez Hai Pakistani and much more.You can watch live Geo News online here.


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  • Nouman Ejaz 11 months ago

    is pe express chal raha hy,geo link karo

  • mushtaq 10 months ago

    Shame on you Nawaz Sharif and Shabash Sharif both of you are disgrace to human race. you Scum,s get your dogs to do the dirty work for you to kill, maim, and kidnap innocent Pakistanis. Justice will be serve!!! you 2 will get your comeuppance. keep watching over your shoulder, kulu butt might just be waiting for you.

  • Zafar Ahmad 9 months ago

    All politicians and anchors are fraudlant agent of India and America. They are going to rich day by day.